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Hey Marije!

I can't seem to get a hold of how to reply on the website in a way that the order makes sense??? But I think this will at least be the way to reply directly to you =). We had a great chat yesterday and I feel your post here really amplified and clarified what I expressed here as well. Thank you for sharing! Something else we chatted about that feels important to give more energy to, is the sense of fulfillment found through being of service to at times that can be a distraction from oneself yes, and it can have lots of underlying motivations to get something in return, BUT, it also has a deep element of truth in it...I liked how the sense of self-absorption came up and the truth in that as well. The question I am holding open now, is how can I be of service in a way that is most aligned. Somehow I find I am a bit of a happy hostess at heart hahah...that may sound kind of lame...but I absolutely love celebrating life, and supporting the well-being of all forms of life. What's mainly been lacking in the areas that most of my energy goes (family), is a lack of feedback loop that really supports the energy flowing out and there are also expectations on my part that I am working through. I definitely can see how this natural way of being could create a beautiful vehicle to express myself and I am open to how that wants to shape as a larger service to the bigger picture. 

I loved what you said about slavery consciousness and that it is something being handed over within yourself and then there is the question of why and what does that give you? I know you are exploring these these are more questions for myself. =)

Much love Marije and thank you so much for sharing! I really value our friendship <3