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Phew, things feel quite intense right now! Following the exchange above where I posted about existential dread and slavery consciousness, what has been coming up strongly for me over the past days is an incredible fear of becoming incapacitated, of somehow not being able to function in this 3D world. This gets particularly triggered by physical pains that seem to be popping up at the moment in all sorts of places, and what feels like strong energies moving through my body, that are making it challenging to function ‘normally’ in this physical existence, which somehow triggers a lot of fear. When I try to tune into this sense of incapacitation, it seems to relate to the sense of purposelessness and the pit of emptiness and aloneness that I mentioned in my post above and therefore this feeling of existential dread. Being incapacitated feels like a very numb and idle place to be and at the same time, the fear has something to do with loosing control (over my physical body mostly). Also it somehow feels similar to when I tune into this pit of emptiness and aloneness. What I have noticed when I try to tune into this pit is that it gets to this point where I seem to loose any point of reference that then freaks me out. In that place it feels like there is no point of reference anymore, no structure, no shape, no gravity, no direction, nothing really…. In some ways almost a bit like a free fall into nothing…. Strangely when I think about it now, however much I dread it, the physical pains actually become a point of reference in the midst of that, kind of taking me out of the pit back into the 3D reference framework.

I am not sure that I am completely talking sense here, but I get a strong sense that I am hitting all sorts of karma at the moment and that this is just another aspect of that, but any reflections on this fear of incapacitation are welcome!

Jen, lots of love and gratitude to you too for all the sharings, reflections and friendship Heart