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Hi Marije,

It's wonderful that you're having the courage, openness and vulnerability to share your process here. Well done!
And you know you are not alone ❤️

In fact one of the newbie facilitators experienced something very similar indeed on the recent Quantum Reset Retreat. My sense is that what you may be feeling yourself, is being greatly amplified by emapthising with the general sense many people find themselves in right now. It feels like an existential fear has activated across the planet. I would say the widespread intro of the vaxx has a lot to do with it. And general uncertainty about the future.

Always the key is to explore, "where do I identify?" And as you well know (but I'm saying it for anyone else tuning in), it's not about easing the discomfort, distracting or taking it away. The key is to surrender deeply into the core of it, feel it intimately, and sit within it until we can equalise with it. Then it will start to unravel just as you've experienced so many times on your journey The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

Synchronistically today I've been called to head off on another tour around Britain, extracting the "Sword from the Stone", meaning to unleash the soul from the physical matter. So ideally the inspiration will help...
Openhand's Sword and the Stone Vlog

Much love and well wishes to you.

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