Having been exploring the path for some time I was drawn to Openhand via this link - http://www.psychedelicadventure.net/2015/05/how-deal-psychic-attacks-en… I was seeking for understanding around dealing with these kinds of experiences from a loved one that I am separated from.
I since connected with Open via your Facebook Page and gained the kind of recognition that has had me decide I want to be a part of a community committed to the way. I have never been touched by a collective group before.

The interesting things I got from the 5 Gateways movie is that I am more grown than I had given myself credit for, and am celebrating the connective-ness I feel with all those that featured in the movie and those everywhere that are evolving (feeling this is a breakthrough for me).
I also realise that my energetic attachment to my lost partner is fuelling her darkness, in learning this I feel that I can now free her (and myself) to source and the love/light.
This search for liberation is what bought me to you.

I am planning to come to Glastonbury later this year and will be checking out your calendar of events.
As a Conservation Arboriculturist I loved the interplay between British and Australian vegetation (I know both well) in your movie...

Love and Light to us all.