Greetings all! I had the wonderful opportunity to view the full-length movie and found it very informational and moving. The myriad of emotions felt throughout was quite remarkable.
I believe I've been in the second gateway for some time now- fully knowing the the choices I'm faced with, resisting what I know the answers to be, attempting to balance between two worlds, causing much dissatisfaction. While I at first became frustrated with myself at viewing this gateway- ego says "how disappointing you haven't made your move yet!!!"- I decided to be kind to myself and accept this as part of the process.
I really, really thank you for helping to put things into perspective and I can't help but think of different ways to share this documentary with others (individual sharing, public screenings, etc). I feel my discovery of this website, it's contents and supports will help me a great deal along the journey.
With much gratitude,