Many thanks Catherine for your post which I found most supportive & helpful. Yes, I agree with you that there is some part of me, that is projecting this idea of having to go faster & better, onto others including Open. It's something that I could well do with letting go of, & perhaps writing about it on this forum, & having it witnessed & "heard" by you & others, is a step towards that. I can be a very hard "task master" towards myself, cracking the whip & expecting/forcing myself to do things that are beyond my capabilities at this moment.

Many thanks Open for your understanding & your wise, supportive comments. Reading your post somehow took some of the pressure off me, & brought me a feeling of relief, contentment, that I'm doing OK. It's opened something up for me, which I can't quite put my finger on right now, but may be able to later.

After reading these 2 posts while I was out doing my voluntary job at the Credit Union, I came home & felt a pull to listen to some music that I find sad & was able to have a bit of a cry, to shed a few tears which I don't ordinarily find easy to do at all. I haven't listened to those particular tracks for a while, & it felt significant to do so, to release something, to let something go...

I appreciate these Openhand forums very much.