Dear Open,

My gratitude for a truly succint and inspiring piece. It is always such great comfort to be reminded that this journey is not not mine alone and that as humanity we are facing our most rapid and enormous growth and we must be also congniscient of what little Souls we are indeed! Feels like the nerdy class :)

Open, I would like to iterate on an point that you made in one of your articles. That is to always be fully aware and understand what we asking for when we seek to confront our pain, to ascend, to connect and flow to Source. It has been very dark, and very painful and mostly because once I committed to my soul journey I was shown my mirror fully and naturally my broken bits were infected with this pain I speak of and I didn't even know I had those broken bits to begin with!

So hence I just wanted to say this, if I only knew back then what I was asking for! :)

I am grateful always. My pain has been and still is my greatest catalyst.

God Bless,