I feel your pain Okpani, I felt it all the way across the world it seems and well.. I get it, I understand and if you ever feel like you just need someone to just stand by you.. I am here. I don't know who you are and you don't know who I am.. But what does that ever matter huh?!! You are not alone.

Breathe, all will be well if you allow it to be well. Never be afraid to just say allowed, I have fear. Especially if people are nearby you. That is most definitely a moment in time when you allow others to soothe your soul and in turn you soothe theirs by sharing.

Ive faced head on fear's face in my life and until my last breath I will shout loud and roar to all who ever hear me.. Never fear anything or anyone.

I have learned something so completely extraordinary here in my month of visiting this website. Open talks alot about softening into oneself. At first this concept was very alien to me, but in practicing it and trying to maintain that it has helped part of my journey in staring down the many facets of pain I've stored up along the way. So if it helps, when you have a panic attack etc, just stop - breathe, look at all the facets that cause this anxiety and carry on when you and only you are able to.

I hope and pray this helps,