Your always welcome Okpani! You are working through this even though it may seem as if your not making any progress, even the very thought of doing anything about it is progress!! Never thought I would use this word - Density - but when the Density gets far to thick, have you tried just saying NO! HELL NO..?! If not, I give you permission to use my words hehe :) Make them up even, because your power can never be taken by anyone but yourself. Now I'm still learning the language of Openhand, so if my words don't seem quite as elegant or eloquent as most are then please forgive my somewhat crude mannerisms lol!
Density to me is thick dark energy that is easily dispelled, yet energy is the most beautiful symphony being played out universally. So with that being said, how about some music that soothes your soul? It is always possible to stop wherever you are and hear music everywhere. Even in a car going by because even that vehicle has its own energetic signature which is just another form music. People even, milling about and running to and fro have their own music, everything is music and you yourself are the most beautiful symphony.. Say that to yourself, scream it even.. I AM MUSIC and nothing can ever stop a melody from going forth. Nothing.
The Tube and Shakti I looked up online because I did not know what those terms were LOL, how awesome!! I learned something new, so thank you for that!!
btw: Im not a counselor or anything, Im just some random Woman running amok on planet earth that refuses to fear anything, even if it stops me in my tracks and I have to trudge, snail crawl through it!