Heyas AuntyAngel!

Opkani, use the distraction while working through your fear most definitely! I say anything that calms you and brings inner peace is well worth the effort.
The steps here are absolutely brilliant, just another reason for me to be thankful for finding this site. Think I'll write them down myself too and hand them out to my family/people that are going through life's moments/karmic trauma.

I was thinking last night about this and how poetic/synchronistic for me this is it too. Just Friday night I went to a family gathering and I was telling them that I was "quitting/going on vacation" from being the protector/guardian of them. That I'm getting to old for this sh.. Then my nephew was relaying all kinds of stories and others were chiming in etc.

So ok then! Okpani just always know you are never alone, everyone has moments of sweaty palms and internal convulsions. But this is your story, your life, your moment in time. Let your spirit shine and just know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will get through this no matter what... Even if it takes an hour, week or whatever time you allow it.

Bless your Soul!!