Hi Okpani, Wynde, AuntyAngel.

I feel you there. I myself had a past life experience of being kept in a box, and now I have a very big body which doesn't quite fit anywhere, so this is how I'm dealing with this Karma. It sounds really like some Karma has been triggered for you too Okpani.

I believe that most fear can be traced back to a fear of death - that is, the fear of the unknown, the fear of obliteration, the fear (as you said in your first post) of losing yourself.

To me, giving myself practice feeling these things can be hugely beneficial. One of my favourite ways to do this is to go out for a walk and find a place relatively free of danger, and then close my eyes and walk like this. It is a real test of stepping into the unknown and I don't last long, but it's a great opportunity to bring up this fear in a safe environment and work with it, knowing you can open your eyes at any moment.

The same could be applied to you - take yourself into a mock scenario where you feel trapped, unable to move, and work through the 9-step process. There are many ways to induce fear, particularly if it close to the surface as in your case.

Then I would ask myself - who am i in this scenario (e.g. being on the tube)? Which is the part of me that cannot be touched, that cannot be confined, that cannot be suppressed? Then I would get to know this part of me and try to be that in these scary scenarios.

Hope that helps. I'm actually in the middle of writing a series of articles on 'Overcoming fear by embracing death' if anyone's interested. The series has 2 parts so far and theres likely to be at least one more part on the way.



Love, Richard