First of all, reading this was very helpful. Thanks!

Open talks about processing karma that arises in a given ordinary situation. But can I intentionally sit down and process karma from past memories that I associate with my current limiting behaviours? If so, I have these questions:

1) When I know it's enough? I tried to follow these steps yesterday when intentionally confronting a memory from my childhood and I felt good and somewhat relieved. But how can I tell if this karma was fully processed? You know, I'm still on the beginning of my journey, so I don't have enough sensitivity to dig deep in my feelings (actually, I struggled a bit to shut up my mind chatting). Should I repeat the regression to this memory to reinforce the release?

2) Is it recommended to do this intentional cleaning as a daily routine? Yeah, I know that as I walk the Path my 'crap' gradually gets cleaned... but since I don't have many hours at my disposal to meditate, doing this may speed up the process, right? (of releasing karma)

Thank you.

*and sorry in advance for any english mistakes*