Hi Eduardo - these are great questions - important ones to raise.

The Openhand approach to Karma is to let it happen, let it arise by itself. Because it can't be pre-empted. It's actually supposed to catch you in a blind spot! Otherwise it tends not to feel real when you process it.

However, what we can do is turn up the volume on soul integration so karma activates by itself. Meditation is of course a great way to do this - so infusing soul, but without preconceived intention about where it will lead.

So the Breakthrough Breathing Meditation would be a great way to do that (for example) - or any other form of meditation that helps infuse soul.

What's going to happen then, is internal blockages will be activated as you follow the path. And these will project into your life circumstances - relationships, career, general living circumstances. A problem will kick off which causes tightness inside - that's when to apply this 9step healing process.

How do you know when it's complete?

In short, you will simply know!

What is likely to happen, is that you'll hit plateaus where everything feels okay. I'd suggest not trying to intentionally dig to find more at this point. Accept the rest, rejuvenation and relaxation. But then go back to the soul infusion meditation until more karma kicks off by itself.

I trust this helps

Open <3