Such a fascinating thread this is ! I have a question . There is someone at work I believe I have a deep karmic relationship with . His energy is quite dense but I feel the undeniable pull in my heart chakra that I have come to recognise as the calling card of karmic relationships . I once had a dream in which I was an oracle in Greece and he was the son of the Queen . I believe she too is incarnated as my boss at work( she is very maternal towards this man too) . With work I am able to actually feel into the energy body between us . It is dark and dense energy and this person is extremely shut down . This is a very challenging interaction as I seem to either shut down (so as not to feel the intensity ) or get disturbed with various chakra sensations activated . We are both married and so he is not available to me to work karma with in a third dimensional sense .
Since the only way out seems to be through ,I have really had to up my game :) . Thanks to the weird sidetrack my life has taken ,I am editing a lot more and have been spurred to do a lot of soul searching . Disengagement still eludes me though . Any insights are most welcome .