Hi Megha,

You said...

    "With work I am able to actually feel into the energy body between us. It is dark and dense energy and this person is extremely shut down . This is a very challenging interaction as I seem to either shut down (so as not to feel the intensity ) or get disturbed with various chakra sensations activated . We are both married and so he is not available to me to work karma with in a third dimensional sense."

This happens a great deal. Because of some mutual karma, the law of attraction draws you together. But frequently, the other person might not be ready to process and release. It doesn't have to stop you doing that though, even if the other isn't aware.

Let the proximity activate the feeling - then work into the feeling. Work to reclaim your soul sovereignty from the energy body that was formed between you.

You may find some situation arises where you're called to visibly reclaim your power, in how the relationship functions now. Yet without the other even realising it, you still reclaim your karmic power.

So you can still process.


Open <3