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Hi Megha. I had the same experience where I felt I was physically flat lining into a life of acceptance as i felt i could not change my life circumstances. However, there was a bigger plan forming. My first love stepped in and gave me an electric shock to the point sparks were coming out of my head!!!! kundilini rising!!!! i did not care that I was in a relationship of 23 years...this experience felt right and we remained blissfully in a bubble of pure love for 3 months. However, I also checked into my shadow side back to my childhood - by inner child needed attention. I was repeating the same pattern from my teens as the damaged soul. However, the bubble burst when he felt not a good idea to continue the relationship as someone would get hurt. I persisted and persisted to the point my heart broke in two as I felt we were compatible on all levels. And the learning developed into self love and self worth. not behaving in a way that people expect me to be in order to meet their needs. The mould had been broken as I slowly reclaimed parts of myself from past and current relationships. Very painful learning experience and at the same time very powerful!!! I am no longer the same person. I have evolved and continue to do so.... we remain divinely connected.