Hi Okpani,

5GATEWAYS is not actually a prescriptive route or a path. It's more a framework for inquiry.

Consider the direction is to climb a mountain - like pass into the Fifth Density for example.

There will be many different pathways to the 'top'. However we'll all pass through particular altitudes on the way to the summit.

5GATEWAYS is more about saying: when people have climbed the 5D mountain before, like Jesus and the Buddha for example, they describe things at particular 'altitudes' that others also climbing might relate to.

For example, I know people that have walked a Buddhist path, or a shamanic path, or worked a great deal with Vipassana and yoga, who've all passed through Transfiguration (full kundalini activation at the culmination of Gateway 3) and described it in similar ways.

Each Gateway is the passage through a particular density. So what it's really saying, is that if you recognise your soul's yearning is to ascend into the 5D, then here are the kinds of experiences you'll likely have as you pass through each density. It says nothing about the route you may personally take through them.

If in engaging with the 5GATEWAYS framework you end up efforting for an outcome, then in this regard, it's an excellent mirror - it reflects that this might be something you do and need to let go of.

On what ever path your consider yourself on, I would say it's absolutely fundamental to own your own reactions to it, to take sovereignty of the experiences YOU manifest. Then you will never fail, because this tightness, provides the very route along which to travel. This tightness IS what stands in the way of progression. And so we're blessed, when whatever method we're applying, reveals it.

Remember always, your pain is the place where the light enters.


Open <3