Thanks Open,

Coming from a Buddhist oriented background and having practised and academically studied Vipassana oriented approaches I found that the 5 Gateways offer an experiential and accessible form of inner-outer inquiry that can also be found (perhaps and sometimes verbalised slightly differently) in other 'spiritual' traditions.

For example, the kundalini phenomenon. I couldn't find anything relevant in the Theravada tradition - as yet - I am speaking with a senior teacher soon about it but found a lot in Tibetan tradition. There, they call it 'Tummo'. Very interesting. Along similar lines, I have found parallels for other Gateways in the Zen tradition.

It's very helpful and re-assuring to know that there is a guided inquiry in the 5 Gateways that is - this is important - accessible and clear for all people to take in. Often, this is not the case in more complex and loaded with cultural baggage traditions and approaches.

Of course, I am still working my way through it all and I find it very exciting!

With metta,