Karma is beginning to manifest quite strongly in people committed to the path, and it's happening worldwide, which is a great sign. Karma is the reason people are manifested here, and provides the lessons to be worked through on the journey of self-realisation. So I felt to feature this article today...


9 Step Spiritual Healing Process for dealing with Subconscious Trauma and Karma
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Firstly, what is the difference between the usual Breakthrough Approach to processing density and then getting into karma?

Well although karma is what defines one's incarnation, it's unlikely to manifest visibly until plenty of the surface layers of identity have been broken down. Because karma is contained at a higher frequency - hence the soul must expand out of the lower densities first. So I suggest, in the beginning, using the simplified Breakthrough Approach when you're getting used to breaking through the layers of tightness pertaining to identity. But then after some time - perhaps a few years on the path - you might notice these intense patterns of activity coming up which seem to blow up general living circumstances into much deeper meaning. It's likely you're then getting below the surface layers of identity and into karma.

So what I felt to do, was to take the simplified Breakthrough Approach and consider the various stages of breakthrough more deeply, more intricately. So really the 9 step approach (above) is an expansion of the Breakthrough Approach. They're essentially the same, just that in the 9 step approach, there's deeper awareness brought to different aspects of the unfolding.

So I would encourage reading the article above, and if you have any questions about what I'm sharing, please feel free to ask below.

In loving support

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