Hi Open,

awesome to hear that there is a lot of Energy going on in Byron Bay. There are so many karmic themes coming up in the last couple of months that i can barely keep up with treating them. It's like the floodgates are wide open and Karma is just pouring in wanting to be released.

My Situation here in Mali is giving me lots of opportunities for growth, as some of you know, i do actually construct a house which possibly could in future serve as a retreat Center something connected to healing. I know this is my purpose.

However, the more i advance with my healing skills, the more it becomes obvious to me that somewhere deep down inside i am scared of and hesitant (or doubting?) doing healing work, and feel like always being insufficiently prepared or not yet ready yet to work directly with human beings. I know from recent experciences that i can do powerful hands on healing and am able to look at others karma.

Now i am asking myself, is this coming from a lack of self-confidence or might i have had issues with the abuse of power in another life?

Thanks so much for this timely offer and have a great time in Autralia.

heartfelt greetings form Mali,