Hi Open and everyone,

I seem to be in a brief phase of realignment where there are more aligned out situations manifesting for after processing some stuff. However, there are still ongoing Karmic distortions - they seem to come in waves.

For me there seems to be a fair bit of karma associated with Sirius at the moment. 

Firstly, I totally resonate with what Megha said in another thread about not being heard. Being ignored has been a major button pusher for me. As has been rejection of my ideas if I can clearly see that someones pattern is causing them suffering or is not aligned.

And this ties in with another Karmic exploration - that of control. One specific situation as an example. We are trying to teach my 7 year old daughter a few basic table manners. The 'problem' is that the way she eats she ends up with food all over her face, over the table, her clothes and often on the floor. Yet she is stubbornly refusing to change any of her habits because they are comfortable for her. I can see that I have a need to control the situation and to impose a reality onto her. Ultimately I can see that there is no need for her to change if she is happy with getting everything messy. However, it triggers some kind of parental responsibility to show her - whats coming up now is 'if I don't show her then she won't learn because I doubt anyone else will make the effort'. 

So this also leads into an emotional need to be a part of the family unit. As I've separated from my partner in the last year, there has been a feeling of being emotionally 'cast aside'. It's also reflected in my reaction when the kids don't want me near them (especially if I'm not able to see the reason) or in both my ex-partners and my kids apparently not caring whether I'm there or not.

There are other things - as I said a lot coming up at the moment - but I'll leave it at that for now.