Hi Rich,

Some real gems there, thanks for sharing Thumbs Up Sign

This stood out...

Perhaps you can explore expressing your power while still remaining humble? Be careful with this because 'being humble' can also become an ego identity. But if you can drop the tightness around being in your power, and any need for approval from others, then perhaps being humble will arise naturally. 

That's the point - ego and shadow identities will try to own all aspects and authentic expressions of soul. Being humble doesn't mean to take off your wings, but perhaps knowing exactly when to unfold them!

And with bringing up children...

It triggers some kind of parental responsibility to show her - whats coming up now is 'if I don't show her then she won't learn because I doubt anyone else will make the effort'. 

This is a 'biggie' - the perception that if 'we don't show our kids how to be in society, then we've failed'. And this leads to the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) projection of how they should be. This is where it becomes necessary to confront all ones own conditioning of what's 'right' in the matrix. She will indeed change her eating behaviour, but right now, this would appear to be her natural expression. Have you considered that the messiness might be a subconscious reaction to the family change? To your absence?

Powerful explorations indeed

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