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Greetings Eric - nice to hear from you.

The Openhand view on that is a degree different - vive la differance! Firstly our view is that you can't truly heal spiritually unless there is self-realisation at a soul level - so a healer might take away the energy that constitute the symptoms, but not necessarily the cause - fragmentation at a soul level. However what a good healer can do, is to resonate soul frequency by embodying energy themselves. I don't personally believe there is 'transferral' of energy though. Because energy is consciousness - why would one transfer your consciousness to the other? Surely the purpose to bring their own consciousness alive and awake?

Possibly it's just how the mind processes what's actually going on. So here we see it as resonating 'tuning forks'. I resonate a tuning fork with my vibration which has some resonance with yours. It causes yours to wake up and also resonate. But crucially, with YOUR own frequency, not anyone elses.


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