*PLZ HELP* Hey Open hand this is a great article and great steps!! Even though I have tremendous trust in myself I am getting a bit worried with what’s been going on, I’m not sure what activated (what I think is) my karma but it is spinning out full force at a extremely fast rate. straight up CHAOS & DISRUPTION that are not normal and it feels excruciating and can be perceived on a human level as just cruel like a joke is being played on me I initially felt like I was being pushed around by higher powers but I am really trying not to experience it that way.

Everything happens back to back with no break in between for me to catch my damn breath NOT EVEN ONE BREATH it feels like.

Just to list a few of MANY: car dying in 110 degrees continues to drive normally periodically and then ONLY dying at the WORST times, infestation driving me out of my home, then when I finally can come back of all the keys that could fall off from my key set it was my house keys! A toxic oppressive person back in my life & that being out of my control. Really needing something and that exact thing I need failing or falling apart.This is just a few in one single time period. Ooh and the emotions, I try to be present and respectfully deal with every single one that comes up oh but it’s not 10 but 50! And annoyingly things I have worked through fully in the past are coming back as well What is that about??

MY initial thinking is that I hold a lot of power even in my density so maybe the force to break barriers needs to be equal or more forceful? This round of karma is MAXING me out on ALL levels relentlessly over and over again, pushing me beyond All My Limits. I feel like im being asked to be superhuman but that's the thing I am human currently and still in a body i literally have physical limits...

I’ve been powering through but I’m worried that the heat just might take me out what can I do??? Does dealing with karma have to always be excruciating and chaotic? And does it need to be speedy how to slow it down or am I being punished