Hi Open,
Love this article. We have been feeling the shifts over here and are becoming more self sustaining each year.
Meanwhile, the web of the Matrix is tightening its grip and we have been flailing around in the murk, seeking relief and assistance to see us through to a place of relative calm. No such luck in those efforts...
I read somewhere that with Gaia's shift into 5D, there is no support for 3D anymore. I wondered - what does that mean? Yesterday it landed in me with a huge thud.
I have never missed a bill payment of any kind for 62 years, and yesterday a forgotten cheque bounced for the first time in my life. We have been riding the Matrix knife edge for awhile now as we work to get our retreat centre up and running. Everywhere that I have turned for funds to keep us going has yielded nothing - and so the downward spiral appeared to me to have begun yesterday with that red number in my bank account.
And then I crashed - lost it completely - feeling like a 'bad girl' for not paying a small, little bill. As my tears flowed and I tried to catch my breath I looked up at Geoff and I got it! This 3D way of scrambling around for help, trying to control our outcome is NOT being supported anymore....
And then the miracle. I saw clearly, perhaps for the first time that we are all One in this - I felt the pain of millions who live daily with debilitating fear gnawing in their gut as they work so hard, day after day, often in soul destroying jobs, to feed the giant beast that has been sucking us dry for so very, very long. I cried and cried - shedding tears for everyone who is stuck, feeling unable to breathe.
Then - the breakthrough. A fog lifted and I saw the Matrix for what it is, and how fractured it is. I felt supported from a place, I know not where, deep inside, knowing that if we stay upright, doing our best in each forward step we can't be stopped. The Matrix and all of its control just doesn't matter anymore - we are awesomely okay, no matter what !
I am not 'bad' for bouncing a cheque - I am doing the best that I can. That realization moved me through to a place of trust which is truly supported within the 5th density. With support for 3D gone - it is all we have left.
I am not sure that I understand it all yet, perhaps I passed through another Gateway. I am experiencing what it means to let go of it all in full surrender to what wants to happen now. We still have to dance with the Devil as they own all of the resources, but we don't have to feel diminished by it. We can let go of lifetimes of programming which has us desperately doing everything that we can just to be comfortable until the day we die.
So, I have put my jaunty tam back on again and am ready to come out of the shadows and do what is being asked of me - facing the beast head on, trusting that I am all that I need.
Much love,