Thanks so much for your sharing Jan. I see you. I feel you.

All of these old, out-dated systems like debt and control will slip away with the old 3D reality. How is it right for one person to be able to hoard the resources that belong to us all, and then to lend them back to people at a cost? In the higher paradigm, it's non-sensical.

There is a flow. Each partakes of the flow, only to the extent that he or she is able to give. As your capacity to give grows, then so does your capacity to receive in equal measure. There is no need to hoard - this shows lack of trust, therefore control, therefore density. The density itself spins back down to the lower frequency - like being in a washing machine.

I know people who've seen such inequity in capitalism and debt, just let the debt slide from their hands and completely transformed their lives. I'm not saying it's necessarily a path for everyone - it depends of course on personal circumstances and the law in that particular place. But it is indicative of an overall shift that wants to happen - IS happening.

So hang in there Jan. Keep riding the waves. Feel the truth at each step, then trust in the rightness of the divine.

All will come well.

Open *give_rose*