There is so incredibly much in this article! What draws my attention is the old karmic layer of 4D ( kinda like a sponge that has absorbed too much in the 3D) being shifted into the galactic core to break down the density to allow the imminence of light. I've experienced this with souls who have been ripped from their physical shells. About twenty years ago I had a vision that has remained with me. Instead of a net, I saw a web stretched around earth and I saw souls caught. For some earth was all they would ever know. For a very long while I felt an urgency to help in some way to deter that outcome but it's inevitable. Why is earth even a vital aspect to 5D as ascension to higher dimensions evolves?

The compassion grows exponentially. The super massive black hole was a visual marvel. In the higher densities "others" are facilitating the shift. Why does it have to stream through individual consciousness to transmute? It seems like once the synergistic effects start to catalyze, the breakdown of consciousness in the lower realm should dissolve and no longer be available as a "radio" station for souls to tune into.
I see Gaia to be resilient ready for the challenge and an active player in the ascension that is affecting all life as it encourages the evolution, adaptation, and metamorphosis of the process of transformation into 5D.
Much love