So so much in these words you offer, Open.

I particularly like the ideas of an abundance of ascension, a cosmic washing machine, and composting the material nightmare.
I'm particularly hoping to avoid being fragmented in the galactic core which sounds quite uncomfortable .... although worse things happen at sea, they say.

From inside the box of matrix-deep-conditioned ego-intellect this stuff would appear ridiculous, crazy.
And indeed is that not exactly what said conditioning does - hide from us the reality of our cosmic situation, the inconceivably awesome possibilities awaiting us, our true destiny.
But in the stillness of expanded awareness, where we can be in our innate knowing, there is no mistaking that the process which you so clearly describe is happening and has entered a critical phase (I guess it began eons ago with the first separation of consciousness, the Fall, and this is the inevitable playing-out of the process, aka evolution ? ).

My knowing was nodding all the way through reading.
My knowing was yes-ing :)
This knowing, albeit without the detail, has always been there, if so often obscured from me; the coming armageddon, the pain, the devastation, the promise within it, the sublime, unimaginable, glorious new awaiting us.
The challenges facing us are daunting indeed, mankind's crucifixion ? , but oh so good it is to feel the truth that we can ascend.
It is ours for the taking.
Armageddon outta here!

So now it's like Schindler's List for souls, right?

We got work to do, friends.
Let us give it the urgency it merits.
Let us give it our all.

Save Our Souls.
Save Our Selves.
Save Other Souls.

Or perhaps;

Sink Or Swim
Sleep Or Shine
Shut-up or Sing
Stale Or Sizzle
Stupified Or Stupendous
Slavery Or Spontaneity
Slow-ass Or Supersonic
Southampton Or Sirius
Shit-pie or Sunshine
Sausages Or Salad
Sewers Or Starlight
Same-old-same-old Or Something amazing
Somnambulation Or Star Constellations

Blimey ... I do get carried away sometimes I don't know where it all comes from ...

Anyway... thanks.
Love always n everyways.