Open, this article is the most comprehensive synthesis of what is going on that I have read to-date. I keep reading and re-reading it, and it works its magic within me day by day, confirming what I have felt and at the same time opening and connecting the dots that I have not yet seen.

Oddly enough I have found a jigsaw puzzle site and have been led to use puzzles to sort of visually watch fragmented pieces come together. I don't really ''work'' at it....I'm just led to see where a fragmented piece fits another that fits another that fits a bigger can take days of rather mindless, effortless, but fascinating process. And in the end, voila...a lovely holiday picture. I have also been led to share your article with family and friends and am careful to include the bio etc you have requested. I hope they independently explore the Openhand website.

One more thing....I am/was/am once organist. The pipe organ is an instrument that is figuring into this transformation and one particular company, is building such instruments. They literally have harmonics never before heard (as of 12-21-12) and are finding that rather than having the sound decay flat, it decays uplift that is lifting the souls who are playing and hearing.

Probably my favorite composer for organ is Olivier Messiaen. And my favorite work of his, which I actually had not thought of for years until I read your article. is not an organ work at all. He wrote it while he was imprisoned by the Nazi's in France. A Nazi guard supplied him with paper. Called ''Quartet for the End of Time'', I am hearing it with new meaning for me now, particularly the incredibly beautiful duets between piano and cello, and piano and violin. The entire piece speaks to me musically of what you all have written here...the chaos we are experiencing, as well as the transformation that continues to be birthed within us all.

In the midst of the chaos...''Let there be Light''. In a way, we are a new Christmas...Divinicusmas.

Just some thoughts... in gratefulness, Love and Light, flooded with quiet joy this morning.