Hi Open,  

Thanks for posting this article again today, it somehow seems synchronistic with something I was pondering on today. In the past weeks, in a nearby small urban park with some old trees that are often packed with starlings this time of year, the birds have been dropping dead from the trees in great numbers, I think by now it has reached 250 in just a few days and apparently the park was almost like a crime-scene. So far it seems that they have not been able to find any evidence of poisoning, but the dead birds did have internal bleedings. Some alternative news sources are blaming experiments with 5G connectivity with an antenna on a building just 400 meters away from the park during the same period. And there have also been recent reports of ducks in nearby canals showing strange behavior, all putting their head down in the water at the same time, as if they are trying to dive away from something. 

As this park and this antenna are not too far from where I live, probably 1-1.5km, this news somehow triggered a lot of emotions, related to the fear of being exposed to something against my will and thus being controlled and powerless, yet at the same time feeling angry. The sense of powerlessness then usually turns into a sense of not wanting to be here on this planet, that there is no use in being here. Intellectually I can reason why my soul is not powerless and that there is a reason for being, but emotionally I still find that hard to digest. The situation also raised a lot of questions about electromagnetic radiation and whether there is anything beyond minimising exposure to it, one can do, because it seems to become more and more difficult these days to get away from it. Even if I switch off all my own sources with electromagnetic fields, there will still be hundreds around me. Is there a way to be right in the midst of all this influence and become 'nothing' in it and thus not get too affected? And if so, how?