Hi Marije,

Your story of the Starlings saddens me too. Heart
I'm here in the middle of Sydney, bombarded by seemingly endless invasions of synthetic society energy - it's full on! Either humanity or society is on the brink of implosion!

I've been fully awake the last two nights feeling all the electromagnetic radiation and constantly working with it. So what I'm doing is working the Toriodal flow. I feel the internal contraction from the EMF (which is what closes people down), but then constantly work to relax into it and expand around it. So it comes in but has less effect. I also find fasting helps greatly - not to ingest from the surroundings which helps keep consciousness expanded - it's working pretty well so far. Thumbs Up Sign

We are looking into electromagetic counter measures which I know are possible. As soon as we have something, I'll let people know - if anyone else has suggestions, please do recommend.

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It's becoming a huge issue - I just came across this...