Hi Open,

Thank you so much for sharing the Dolores Cannon video.  She does a great job of explaining the transition to new earth and why we are here and how we graduateYou have this uncanny ability to answer my questions before they are asked!   I was going to email you earlier today because I was looking for new books to read and then you go and post this video and Dolores has a multitude of books on past life regression which is a topic I’ve been very interested in lately. 

I recently had a past life regression and Dolores touched on a point that has bothered me since the regression; it was great for telling me what happened in a few of my past lives, but what was missing from the regression was the lesson(s) that I needed to learn from them. 

Ive also been curious about becoming a practitioner, I’m fascinated with the way her process connects to the persons higher self when doing the regression.  

Grateful for your guidance.