Hi Scott,

Yes, I heard of Delore's work a while back before she passed on. And her 'channelings' relate quite accurately to what we're seeing in the Openhand Approach regarding the Shift.

I do perceive a crucial difference though in terms of the past life regressions.

What I understood from Delore's approach (although I didn't go into it deeply at all), is that the regressions are done mostly as kind of dream like state. So i questioned whether people were fully conscious in them. If not (and I could be wrong about that), the risk is that the person is not actually self -realising through the experience. Let me be specific on why that's important...

There are two aspects to karma: the unrealised aspect of soul, and the karmic energy that builds in the field. You can see the energy and remove it during a regression. But if soul (self) realisation hasn't happened, then the karmic situation hasn't been fully processed. Let's clarify here what "self-realisation" really is: it's where the fragment of soul that was stuck in the karmic situation, reconfronts the situation, but rarther than now identifying with the situation (thereby creating the karma), instead it realises the attachment, drops it and realises the One-Self through it. The fragment is retrieved and reconnected into the mainstream of soul. In the Openhand Approach we're doing this all the time - the crucial difference is that we're encouraging people to go through the experiences consciously, to animate the experience so that you feel the full impact again. Thus, in a protected and safe environment, the soul can self-realise through the events and circumstances. Whilst it's not necessary to remember the exact circumstances (in a dream like state), it is absolutely vital that the energy is consciously felt. I always questioned whether this was fully possible when joruneying back through the experiences in the dream-like state. Hence the Openhand Approach in doing it consciously.

I trust this makes sense

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