Hi Megha,

You said...

I am able to be aware of certain situations triggering deep feelings out of proportion to actual events. When I am able to go into these feelings in their entirety, it's almost as if something trapped is released . Is this what you are referring to ? 

I'd like everyone whose following this thread to take note - because karma is described very accurately here in the first line - deep feelings being triggered that are 'out of proportion to the event' itself. That's the point - the inner filter of karma takes a 'normal' situation and then blows up the circumstances out of proportion - because the current event is triggering the past life event.

Now the crucial thing is to allow these feelings to flow in full consciousnesss - ie to be fully aware in them.

This is where self-realisation then happens. You don't have to know the circumstances the karma is relating to. You just have to process what's coming up. The self-realisation is where the fragment of soul that was stuck on this karmic sediment is now agitating the bed of the karmic stream it is stuck in. It stirs up the sediment inside (which feels like sh**!), but this is entirely necessary, because the fragment of soul then starts to resonate on the frequency of the mainstream of soul and is reclaimed by it. It 'self-realises'. And now the sediment can wash away.

I witness that quite often in the spiritual mainstream people get caught up in the story of "I was the Queen of Sheba", or "I was the King of this"... etc etc. Then it just becomes a self-defeating story that the ego can attach to, instead of processing the energy. So while it can help to know the circumstances that you're regressing into, it is not necessary. The key is processing the energy.

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