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As an example ,I react very badly to not being trusted. Also not liked .When I am distrusted or disliked ,a deep wave of self doubt ,then anger ,then grief pushes me into a deep downward spiral. It's actually quite silly when seen from a more objective perspective ,a perspective easily lost. Going into the deep feelings has helped me a lot by unwinding this neural dysfunctional pathway. 

On the other hand ,in response to my brothers severe depression and psychosis ,deep.feeling has helped me 'see' what has contributed to it. But ,strangely enough ,it doesn't trigger me so much . I don't go into wave upon wave of reactivity . I often regress into feeling it just to make sure I am not suppressing anything or bypassing .These explorations do give me insights but are over much quicker than one would expect. Similarly when my Dad contracted a brain tumour and died there was deep grief but not too much else. It was like a clean grief that deepened my surrender but didn't rile me up as do some pretty inane circumstances and people ( does that even make sense ?)


That's what I understand by karma. And deep exploration reveals all the people and situations that seem to cause it. In reality it's all Me . 

Reflections are welcome ,as.always.