I have been reading a lot about the Sirius archetype. Like I said earlier ,it seemed quite alien to me( pun intended 😀) but now I can see how it relates to the disorientation I feel in presence of a colleague . So when we are talking for even a few minutes all my chakras turn on at once and then I have seen several times a symbol of a triangle but with rounded edges and interrupted sides. I ' see' this in his heart centre and a similar one appears on my own . I also get this really strong feeling we were on mission together and then he forgot and feel quite a lot of anger and frustration at him too. 

When you talk about boundaries and soul sovereignty ,I have worked very hard on them. I continually am vigilant about them even in my most intimate relationships. With this guy ,they seem to fly out the window. Somehow I feel that's related to Sirius . I was on a ship somewhere in space is what I see again and again. I will.confess I have always rubbished these images as some crazy science fiction stuff that my imagination  has conjured. As a young adult I literally devoured all the science fiction there ever was. Far off galaxies made much more sense to me than my waking reality at that point. I am still figuring out how to integrate this . I have been feeling into these feelings for about four years now ( maybe that's when the karma activated ?) but it's only after you said Sirius that several other things made.sense . 

For some reason I'm actually afraid to press publish on this sharing . I am doing chakra meditation more.frequently now . 

Do let me know what you think .