Hi Megha,

Interestingly you were afraid to publish and it published twice! (so you were clearly meant to). Thumbs Up Sign

So what were you afraid of?

Have you read Divinicus? It shares a perspective on how plenty of us went to Sirius with the mission of sharing the message of the dramatic ascension and breakdown of the reality which had already been initiated. Yet the messages were misunderstood or else rejected. And plenty misunderstood the advice on how to process out karma. So in short, the shift turned out to be a helluva mess! A lot of light workers I know carry the sense of responsibility and burden for that. A deep healing is necessary - hence many find themselves here on Earth essentially reliving the same thing again but in a different way.

Maybe the guy you talk of is soul family - hence the resonance of vibration and the potential for boundaries to be crossed.

I suggest you keep exploring and keep working with what comes up. It's a big story for sure.

Much love

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