Hi Megha,

I just wanted to share with you that when I read your inquiry here about being some kind of messenger, my instant thought was ‘Sirius’ as well, before you mentioned the word yourself. I have had visions/memories of what I suspect is Sirius and what happened there, and when I read about your challenge it touched something in me that resonated. I’m also seeing that our paths on the Openhand forum keep crossing, so perhaps there is a common thread here wanting to be explored.

My challenge is also one of being a messenger, but with a different twist to it. I want to share it with you just to give you a different perspective. (I shared this with you, Open, after the Intensive in Köln)

Without going into too much detail, my visions involve being part of a team in a laboratory, working and experimenting with blue light energy. We could shape and ‘bend’ this energy with our hands and our sense of will. The work was being supervised by this patriarchal figure entering the room from time to time, and hovering over us. We were in much lighter, almost translucent bodies, and the gravity wasn’t as heavy. I was able to propel myself into the air and move around up there without immediately being pulled back down. At one point, I broke away from my team and sought a place where I was completely alone. I carried a secret between my hands that I didn’t want anyone to see. Once in solitude, I opened my hands and witnessed something very worrying. A part of the energy I had been working with was going haywire. It was bouncing back and forth between my hands and I could no longer fully control it. It felt volatile.

And here comes my issue - I knew I had detected an anomaly in this energy, that could potentially be very dangerous, and I knew I was probably the only one who had seen this, as everyone else just seemed to go about their usual business. You’d think, I would go and tell someone about my discovery, but that’s exactly what I didn’t do. I didn’t know whom to trust, especially not the patriarchal ‘supervisor’. I was too afraid of the information falling into the wrong hands, as I saw how potentially dangerous this was. So I ended up keeping it to myself, waiting for others to discover it, which they eventually did, but by then it was too late.

So in my case, I carry the burden of being given an important message to deliver but choosing not to, out of fear and doubt. I don’t know if sharing what I knew would have made a difference in the end, but the fact that it might have, weighs heavily on my heart.

As a karmic theme this has followed me around this lifetime. I often see things before other people do, or I see energies under the surface other people don’t. Up until now I never really had the confidence to speak up. I often kept the information to myself thinking I must be wrong, waiting for someone else to see it and speak first, or sometimes mustering up tons of courage to say something, only to be immediately dismissed and not daring to speak again. It’s one of my life’s challenges - moral courage. It’s become a conscious practice for me now - dare to share no matter the outcome. And still, every time I share something here, there is this little hump of resistance I need to get over before posting.

Anyway, much love to you ❤️

How’s it going with the anger? 😉