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Dear Open ,


So the same colleague who is an amazing trigger for my karmic explorations ( I sense I have had many many lives together with this guy ) again triggered me into feeling into the heart centre . This time though I was able to go really deep. I suddenly saw a very beautiful man who I ''saw" was a male version of me - he was likl.a loving masculine aspect of myself and I felt deep love and Grace in his presence . Never had that happen before. Also every time I spiral down this particular rabbit hole ,I seem to micro shift something ,which is great . But there are these two points in my physical heart in which I feel a sharp pain. ( I saw a ?sword going through ) . I am guessing there was a death involved ,perhaps through war or violence. I am not really able to feel into that very much - it hurts so much literally physically that I tend to retract from feeling in to that . 

Reflections welcome as always !