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Dear Jen and Open ,

Just a week ago I was experiencing betrayal in response to a man I know. And it was old karma for sure as I went deep into the pain of what felt like deep disappointment . So it's interesting you use the word betrayal because that's exactly the word that comes up for me frequently even in dealing with this man. It's very deep and energetically strong karma for me too ,Jen . Again ,I seem to have placed myself in a situation in which it would be very very messy to explore this dynamic in the third dimension . And I can easily see how energetically it would never work ,but the karma is there to be worked on in seemingly never ending layers . Phew ! 

Jen ,I know I have discussed this with you ad nauseum as well - so I hear you and feel you soul sister ! For me the layers seem to have thinned somewhat - It takes me a shorter time to recover from the onslaught of energetic memories now . But this is challenging stuff for sure ! 

Thank you for that information,Open .