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Thanks for sharing your story Rich - it's so helpful for people when we illuminate our own personal journey and what's going on - especially in relationships The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

This line stood out from your sharing...

This has caused me to yearn for a full relationship again.

This is totally understandable. Because underneath it all is the desire/authentic yearning, for the divine relationship - ultimately with one's Twin Flame.

I recall connecting with someone many moons ago in this incarnation. There was a pretty much instant alchemical connection. And the very human feeling of wanting to connect physically. Yet we were separated by distance. It felt pretty frustrating so I asked "show me!" The flow that day took me into town to a Media store and along the isles until one film jumped right out - Ghost. If you don't know it, it's about a couple being separated by ones death and them trying to form a bridge across the ether. Instantly I got it - my Twin Flame was working to connect through the reflection of this one person. Later that evening, in a phone call to this person, right at the end, she used the word "Ditto" a couple of times, which of course is one of the classic lines from the movie. From that moment I realised there was no need of a physical connection - the completion already happened within.

I know it may seem esoteric, but you can absolutely develop an experiential relationship with your Twin Flame. But you do have to work at it. You have to see the reflections in other people, but keep reminding yourself the completion is back at the source within.

I remember from that point making a conscious connection wherever I went. Even if I went out in town for a meal on my own, I'd set the place opposite for my Twin Flame. It's amazing how the reflections can build, until you feel like you're in relationship - you are - the ultimate one!

And when you do then connect with another in the physical sense, it means you can give much more of yourself, but without attachment. It sets them free too.