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Thanks so much for sharing your story Rich. I can relate to so much of it. Me and my former partner also parted over a year ago, though recent formal legal papers has tripped some of my deepest fears. Yes, I too can relate to letting go of the idea of family unit - that still challenges me to a degree. He and I have been friends since long before we were married and I am grateful that still remains. 

The fears that have been coming up are related to being replaced, no longer being someone's important someone, and never experiencing a loving, intimate relationship again. Lately I have witnessed how I might unconsciously manipulate to make myself feel more secure and avoid feeling the loss. It's not a pretty thing to see about myself! 

I know I need to confront the fears I have of losing him as "my person" and how it will feel when he moves on with someone else. Otherwise, I am kinda of trapped in a fragment of the past where everything becomes motivated by avoiding that feeling and not really being free to be in the flow. I have realized that I am not letting myself look forward either - because that requires me to face the potentials that I fear. The untethered potential futures before me can be unnerving. I notice I have some fears around potential intimate relationships of my own in the future.

In reading back at Open's reply, I wanted to add that I feel some sense of mistrust around the twin flame experience - either that it's not real or that it's not possible for me. It's something about doubting my worth and feeling abandoned that causes me to remain in some state of disbelief even though I also feel the truth in what you share about it Open. I feel like the distrust causes me to cling to the physical relationship somewhat.

Well this experience certainly does expose so much that I never knew was even there! Thanks for's nice to know others going through similar processes. =) 

Much love,