Today someone from the electricity company came to replace my electricity meter, of which the display had gone blank already a while ago, supposedly because the battery had run out. The old meter must have already been at least 10 years already, but was still probably one of the first 'smart meters' that automatically transmitted the reading to the electricity company. Now it has been replaced by a new 'smart meter' and for some reason it feels this new one is having a lot denser radiation than the previous one, when I stand in front of it for a few minutes it makes me feel nauseous. At least the meter is in a cupboard in outside my front door in the staircase, but there are two cupboards from the neighbours next to it with probably two more smart meters, as on the two floors below me). Somehow this new meter has triggered a lot of internal tightness around radiation that I am constantly exposed to, whether I like it or not, and ended reading up about the bad impact of these things online. There is a sense of powerless involved in the tightness, like there is no escaping from it, unless I move off grid somewhere into the bush. With other things like food and products it feels like I at least have a choice whether I buy organic, more sustainable products or not, but with the radiation it feels I have very little choice..... And then the thought of soon being bombarded with 5G increases the tightness further. There was already some exchange about 5G higher up in this thread, where Aspasia suggested Blushield, of which I do meanwhile have a in my house to undo some of its impacts. I almost feel a bit like a hypochondriac when it comes to radiation! Any suggestions on how to best work with this tightness?