This article has proved very popular across the web in the few years it's been how - what exactly is the process whereby the earth will shift from 3D to 5D?

There is a good deal of 'wooliness' about this that I witness and percieve in what we might call 'New Age' circles. As if somehow the shift of energies will deliver a rosy new reality but without all that pesky challenge - "poof", the cosmos will wave its wand and it'll all just happen - LOL!

But take a look at what actually goes on futher afield with planets and stars and solar systems. The spirituality must converge with the science - it must be grounded and stand up in a scientific way. I do believe the process outlined above fulfills that. And it's essential that we normalise with what's happening, so we might expose, confront, and let go of, any fear.

That's my encouragment to all. So do read through the article because I would say it's one of those key ones to explore.


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