Hi Sandra,

How is it that people seem to have 'success' with relatively quick and easy healing modalities such as EFT and emotional freedom techniques? Good question.

I believe the 'success' is mostly short lived. Why?

In any healing situation, there are two aspects to deal with:
(1) The lack of self-realisation by the soul that identifies with the physicality of life, thus causing the problem
(2) The energy that the lack of self-realisation builds in your field.

The energy you build up as a result of lack of self-realisation is the affect, not the cause, but it is what generates the symptoms. Healing modalities can take this energy away really quickly, yes. But all that's doing, is removing the immediate symptoms - like tapping for example. But then the cause will at some point, manifest somewhere else in some other guise. Because the root cause has not been dealt with.

That's why in the Openhand 9 step process, we get deep into the source pain, and become one with it - as The One in it. You literally become the One, whereas previously there was only identification. Then you Self-realise and so the pain has gone - it doesn't manifest elsewhere.

Removing the energy without removing the cause first, is like removing the evidence at the scene of a crime. How can you now find the cause?

Open *OK*