Thanks Sandra and Open for exploring this great question!

As for who I admire....their has been someone new to me that I just feel so much appreciation for and that is Pharrell Williams. He sings that song "Happy" and is a coach on the show the Voice which my kids like to watch. What do I admire about him? He is so purely authentic... So absolutely him and he expresses that through every cell... Through every word... Every action. There is no holding back - it's an effortless pure full expression. He works with people who are competing for a record deal, but it never seems like that's what it's about for him. He is drawn to and works with the people who sing from the heart, who move you within because of how they are expressing through their voice. He reflects to them their own beautiful perfection in being who they are and setting this free into the world... Encourages them to get into their bodies, to loosen up the tightness that keeps them from expression freely. I just feel incredibly inspired by him. I recently bought a piece of art that a close friend of mine created... She puts together abstract shapes and these shapes and colors express a feeling. The one I bought brings up the image of me with my arms out over my head, and my legs in a high lunge (mary Catherine Gallagher style from Saturday night live!) just letting me shine out fully. Pharrell embodies that part of me that is coming into fullness and I would say ray 6... Yearning self expression. Thanks for the exploration! With love, Jen