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Ah yes, I do recall working in a diad during level 2, and how empowering and uplifting the experience was! The character I deeply resonate with (and have for some time) is Vianne from the movie Chocolat. She follows the north wind, which for me translates to following the pull of her soul. I see myself as an explorer, uncovering endless possibilities. Vianne travels with two suitcases, having little attachment to material possessions she is free to move when she feels the call of the wind. She is a non-conformist who challenges adhered to traditions and beliefs through her acts of beingness. She is a catalyst. Vianne embodies courage and commitment when shunned by the townspeople and refuses to stray from her true divine nature in order to conform. She is compassionate, intuitive, nurturing, kind, non-judgmental and loving. She is a light worker. I see much of the divine feminine expressed through her character. She wears colourful and figure flattering clothing, she is not afraid to stand out and be seen as a beautiful feminine woman. She embraces and accepts her feminine physique. Vianne is able to see the gifts of beingness and the shadow in others. She is both direct and subtle at affecting change.

This is a valuable exercise Open, and I do see how Vianne is mirroring back qualities that I possess. :-)