Hi Muffling Winds,

Well the good thing is, that even though you know you should give whatever it is up, you're not allowing mind to override what you actually feel. You get the sense you should let go, but simply deciding to do so, risks overriding some emotional/energetic tie. Which then risk creating a layer of identity - one which is in denial.

So what I would suggest is, taking yourself into a quiet place, visualise/feel giving up that aspect. The important thing is to contemplate all the possible repercussions in profound self honesty. What would it really mean? How would you genuinely feel? The allow yourself to feel into those inner vibrations.

It's some kind of 'source pain' that you're looking to find (as written about in 5GATEWAYS). Sometimes those vibrations can be very subtle in the beginning, because the emotional/energetic tie will have been buried deep in the psyche. But if you keep working with it, then it will reveal itself.

Once you've activated the source pain, then you can work through it as described in The Openhand 9-step Spiritual Healing Process.

It should help get into and clear the density. Then the key is to find an authentic aspect of beingness that wants to emerge and express outwards instead of the old behaviour pattern.

Here's a video we made which might offer some extra insight called "How to truly let go"...