I feel for you Muffling Winds *give_rose*

Yes it takes time. Yes we need to grieve. If a relationship has broken down for example, then there are going to be lots of touch points where our energy might have become associated with another - entwined within there's.

Like for example the places you used to visit together, the things you used to do - they all contain energetic associations. And as you pull apart, you pull on each of these 'heart-strings' in turn. And the only way through, is to honour and work with each in turn, recognising that the love one felt, was - and is - inside oneself all the time. Not to lose that in another.

I think it might help to see it as energy - energy that needs to be returned and reintegrated inside oneself. Each release increases the sense of integration over time.

Eventually we become whole and complete again, in our own space.

Wishing you well

Open *OK*

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