As Geoff and I sit together this morning reading about your shift, we are touched by the sharing of your evolution. It truly is the Openhand way that includes all. The realness of you both on your journey, through your books, films, articles and this forum has inspired us to accept change, both in each other, and in what wants to flow here in our own lives.
We just want to say that you two are awesome, whether you are sitting together in the same room or supporting and inspiring each other across the world.
Open and Trinity - we are truly with you. Thank you for sharing yourselves so openly with us - we feel wholly supported in our journey. Even though you weren't able to be physically here in Victoria for the 5Gateways course, day by day through those 5 days we felt empowered to let Life lead us to a brand new, previously unseen place, where our fears don't stop us, but point us in the direction of our Infinite selves.
In short - you two rock in our eyes and inspire us to rock in ours.
Much love,
Jan and Geoff